Lighting can make a huge difference in the way your space looks and feels. Lighting doesn’t have to just be utilitarian – you can also use it as a way to express your taste and style. There are tons of lighting trends right now that you can easily incorporate into your space without blowing your budget. Here are some of the biggest lighting trends of the moment.

Modern Chandeliers

Many people are opting to forgo recessed lighting and instead are opting for hanging lights throughout their home, including spaces you’d normally wouldn’t see them. See this trending bathroom remodel in st. louis for more details. Instead of going to extravagant traditional chandeliers, many people are choosing modern pendant lighting with sleek lines. This is a great way to add detail to a space, particularly if you are going for a minimal look and don’t have too much extraneous decor. Chandeliers also make the light feel softer and more welcoming, so they add ambiance to every room.

Edison Bulbs

This trend has been popular in commercial interior design for a while, but now homeowners are starting to bring it into their personal spaces. Edison bulbs look chic and refined while still maintaining an edgy, industrial look. They look particularly stylish in kitchens, home office spaces, and bathrooms, where they can be hung over counters and work spaces.


Sconces are an elegant way to add more warm light to your space, especially in smaller rooms and hallways. Sconces look and feel very expensive, but they actually aren’t difficult to install. Sconces also come in a variety of different styles, so you can use them to enhance the overall look of your home. For example, if you like a modern or minimalist look, you can go for sleek metal sconces, or if you prefer a more extravagant bohemian look, you can opt for something with colored or patterned glass covering.

LED Strip Lighting

LED lights are very environmentally friendly, which is why many people are starting to use them in their homes. LED strip lighting is great for giving an illuminated glow to areas of your home you want to feature, such as a piece of art or even just a kitchen counter. LED lighting gives you very flexible options for lighting your home, and it has the added benefit of using less energy as well.

Outdoor String Lighting

When planning your lighting, it’s important to think not only about the indoors, but about the outdoors as well. One of the biggest trends in outdoor lighting is string lighting, which is where a long string of bulbs is used to bring warmth to a patio or even illuminate a piece of foliage. These lights are very cozy and welcoming, and they transform your yard into a place that’s welcoming and inviting. This string lighting is perfect for giving your backyard some detail.

Soft Metals

Recently, designers have been going for brass, rose gold, and copper instead of more traditional metals. These metals have a softer look that is very stylish and contributes to the warm glow feeling that everyone is craving these days. These soft metals are used in a variety of different types of lighting fixtures and look absolutely stunning when paired with complimentary colors.


Another popular trend in lighting is geometric fixtures. Designers are installing hanging lights that incorporate sharp, angled shapes into their overall look. This is edgy, yet also fun and quirky, and turns the lighting in any space into a focal point. Geometric lighting is particularly perfect for modern, minimalist spaces that need something dramatic to punch it up.

Getting creative with your lighting is a fun and easy way to transform your space and show off your style.